How long does each project take?

A two-car garage floor takes 1 day to install, depending on the condition of the floor and weather it can take 2 days. Commercial floors up to 10,000 square feet can be completed in 3-4 days, depending on the condition of the surface.

Can projects be completed in cold weather?

Polyaspartic polyureas can be installed even when the temperature is below zero or above 100 degrees, but can add a few more hours to each install. Epoxies cannot be installed in temperatures below 50 degrees

Will hot tires damage the floor?

Unlike those big box store floor coatings, your floor will withstand indefinitely heat from your tires caused by road friction.

Will de-icing salts damage my floor?

Living in Colorado you will undoubtedly have some form of de-icing chemicals brought on to your floor, your floors will be protected

Will color and gloss fade?

Polyureas and Urethanes Topcoat, whichever you choose they both are designed to be high wear and scratch resistant.

Will my floor trap bacteria?

Your floors will be resistant against staining, mold, fungus, and foul odor. Your epoxy floor coating will not deteriorate as it is protected against bacteria, viruses, yeast, and other microbes. This is important to consider when planning for a veterinary floor, restaurant kitchen floor, aquatic center floors and public restroom flooring.

Are surfaces acid etched?

We do not acid sketch, all floors are ground smooth with a diamond grinding system removing high spots and opening up the pores of the concrete to accept the coating we install.

Does the application smell?

We use polyaspartic polyureas, which have zero VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Which means no solvents in the product that cause strong odors.

Can projects be completed in phases?

Large floors for operating businesses we recommend completing in phases, preventing the need to shut down operations during the application. Each project is different, but many projects we have completed can be started at close on Friday and completed by Monday morning.

How do I clean the floor?

Simply use hot water and a squeegee. For stubborn stains use Simple Green and a brush.

Will a coating waterproof my floor?

Once the concrete pores are opened and a coating is applied, either Poly urea or epoxy, water will not penetrate to the concrete. There fore making your floors waterproof.

Can floors be repaired?

All floors can be lightly sanded and recoated if the floor is damaged. Metallic Epoxies although can be patched, but since every application is unique, matching the design will be difficult. You may still see the patched area after completion.

Are floors nonslip?

Are granite floors provide a texture that provides a non slip surface. We add more anti-slip additive in any topcoat to get a surface that is safe to walk and work on.

Will grease, oil, or chemicals harm the floor?

All floors are designed to protect from grease and oil, the basic things you see in a garage. If you have any concerns in your space please contact us.

Can you fix cracks and spalling?

All cracks are addressed before the floors is coated during the prep. Large cracks will be filled to the bottom then filled on with our crack filler that cures in 30 minutes.

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