Discover the Biggest Trend in Residential Flooring

Discover the Biggest Trend in Residential Flooring

Upgrade your home in Erie, CO with flake flooring

If you're looking for a swift way to upgrade the surface of your driveway, basement or stairs, flake flooring is the way to go. Zone Garage Denver uses polyurea floor coating to create a stunning finish. Unlike other materials, flake flooring is ready for use in one day!

Visit our Gallery page to see examples of our flake flooring in Erie, CO.

What makes polyurea floor coating an ideal choice?

Polyurea floor coating is used to create the stunning flake finish. Choosing this as your material of choice is smart because:

  • It's long-lasting
  • It's less likely to bubble
  • It won't deteriorate over time

This flooring option comes with a 20-year, lifetime warranty in Erie, CO.

If you're in Erie, CO and need flake flooring, call now to schedule your service. Our team will happily provide you with the best quotes possible.